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The Real Reasons to Stop Buying Cheap Medical Computer Carts

By The Altus Team
Published Sep 21, 2020 | Updated Mar 08, 2022

Supplying your medical office or hospital with medical computer carts is a given. Mobile carts are the norm and allow for better, more efficient patient care. But one purchase of a cheap medical computer cart, and you are well aware that cheaper almost never means better. There are innumerable reasons to stop buying cheap medical computer carts and invest in quality carts and service with a company like Altus. Below we’ve outlined all the ways you’re shortchanging yourself when you opt for cheap imitations and why you should choose quality carts from Altus every time.

Overseas Supply Chain Causes Long Wait Times

Many facilities buy their medical computer carts from overseas companies. But when buying overseas, you put yourself at risk for disruption in your order. Many overseas manufacturers rely on a single supplier of parts or materials. If an issue arises with the supplier, the effects trickle down to you, the consumer. Additionally, if the supplier only produces in one facility or in one country, the risk of something going awry is even greater.

Political unrest, environmental and natural factors, and economic instability in overseas markets are not uncommon. And when your manufacturer is affected, you’ll feel it too in long product wait times. And when it comes to patient care, you know that you don’t have time to wait. But when you find a domestic manufacturer and supplier, you can know that you’re not only getting a quality medical cart, but that your supply chain will never be affected by unexpected crises or circumstances like those experienced in overseas supply chains.

Cheap Product Materials

One of the top factors that influence purchases, especially in the healthcare industry, is cost. If a hospital or facility can find a product that does the same—or similar—job for cheaper, the choice will almost always be to save money on the front end and choose the least expensive product.

The key phrase is “the front end.” Like everything in this world, you get what you pay for. And when you opt to purchase a cheap medical computer cart, that’s exactly what you’re going to get: a cheaply made product with low-quality materials.

While there are a lot of factors that influence cart costs, especially in an overseas market or in manufacturers who use cheap materials, the fact is, you’re getting a subpar product when you pay outrageously cheap prices. Somewhere along the line, sacrifices have to be made. Whether that’s in ethical production practices, the quality of the product, or even the customer service (delivery times, delivery methods, etc.), you will feel the consequences of choosing to buy cheap medical carts produced with cheap product materials.

Buying 2 of the Other Guy’s = 1 from Altus

The benefits of buying a quality medical computer cart go on and on. We like to say that buying two carts from a cheap supplier is like buying one from Altus for a number of reasons. Altus’s carts are multifunctional and meet a variety of needs that other cheaper carts can’t and don’t. Altus manufactures medical computer carts that are made with the provider in mind. They’re easily maneuverable, come in powered and non-powered options, and they last. Purchasing a medical cart from cheap competition is a one-time buy that might last a few months, and you’ll find that the quality of the product is wanting. However, purchasing from Altus is an investment that will outlast other, more cheaply produced medical computer carts.

Poor Customer Service

When a company produces cheaply made medical carts, chances are, they aren’t passionate about the product’s quality or the customer experience. More than likely, they’re trying to move inventory as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. As you’re shopping for medical computer carts, price can be a huge indicator of the kind of customer service the company provides. Low prices usually equal low quality, including on the customer service side of things. But when you work with a company like Altus, you can trust that you’re going to get customer service that matches the high quality of our products you’re shopping for.

Dealing with Multiple Businesses

Shopping for medical carts—and focusing on the cheaper options—often means you’ll be dealing with multiple businesses. You might find a cart with one business that meets some of your office’s needs, but in order to meet other needs, you’ll need to also shop with a different business. This is time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately hurts the quality of care you are able to provide.

At Altus, we are your full-service resource for all of your medical computer cart needs. There is no need for you to shop multiple businesses when you’re on the hunt for carts. We have an impressive selection of all kinds of carts and provide solutions for your office no matter what your needs are. Choosing to supply your facilities with carts from Altus not only means you’re getting great products and services, but you’re also saving time by working with just one company who can meet all of your needs.

The Seller Does Not Service the Cart

If you buy a cheap medical computer cart, it’s almost certain that your seller will offer no follow-up service. This means that when your cart inevitably breaks, you’ll have to find a third-party repair service who will likely charge you an exorbitant amount to service your cart.

However, here at Altus, you can choose us with confidence, knowing that we not only produce durable carts, but that we offer warranties with each cart. Over the last two years, less than one percent of our carts have needed service. And many of our carts are still in use even after 10 years.

Each cart comes with a standard limited warranty, and we offer extended warranties with parts, labor, maintenance, and even training services all included. You won’t find this kind of comprehensive service when you opt for a cheap medical computer cart. But at Altus, our carts are durable, functional, and our team takes care of each client with excellence and professionalism as our goals.

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