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The Gift that Work-from-Home Employees Really Want in 2023

By The Altus Team
Published Dec 21, 2022 | 5 min read

Studies show that roughly 42% of America's workforce is working from home. While the recent increase in remote work has offered a better work-life balance for many, workers lack the proper space or furniture to help them focus on their work. That's where gifting your employees a standing desk comes into play.

With so many businesses operating on a remote work model, business owners are seeking ways to ensure their teams are empowered to work well and feel valued while doing so. If you want to give your work-from-home employees a gift that shows them you care, gift them a standing desk. Universally loved and beneficial, standing desks are the perfect gift for your remote team.

What's a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is precisely what the name suggests. It's a desk that allows the user to stand comfortably while working. Standing desks have become wildly popular over the last decade. Users find that they have improved energy, greater focus, and enjoy greater satisfaction with their work environment. And with so many people working from home, businesses want to do everything possible to set up their employees for success.

People using a standing desk can adjust the tabletops to allow for standing use or sitting, making standing desks one of the most versatile pieces of office furniture to date. Some have electric lifts while others are manual, but all promote ergonomic working conditions, healthier lifestyles, and work environments.

“When looking for employee gifts, standing desks are a perfect choice. Gifting standing desks to your team improves the quality of their work and their overall quality of life, and, as a result, your business will flourish.” - Bill Ross, Owner, 320 Digital

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk When Working from Home

Height-adjustable desks provide the ideal setup in any location. With an increase in the number of remote workers, standing desks prove especially beneficial to work-from-home employees. Below are some of the most significant benefits of gifting your team members a standing desk for their home office.

1. Creates an Office Environment at Home

When you work from home, it's easy to get distracted. House chores, pets, personal calls, and let's be honest—even the television—can halt productivity in its tracks. Standing desks help eliminate distractions by creating an office environment right in your home. Instead of slumping on the couch or working at the kitchen table, a standing desk allows your employees to have a specific space for work.

A standing desk ushers your employees into "work mode." When you provide them with a standing desk, you're creating an office space where there might not have been one before. This makes a routine where team members can plant themselves in a specific area of their home—at their desk—and begin the workday with focus.

2. Diversifies Your Workspace

Working from home can get boring quickly, especially if you don't have a home office or designated workspace. Gifting your employees a non-powered computer cart diversifies their workspace, allowing them to shift physical positions throughout the day to keep them engaged in their work.

Standing desks keep the workspace interesting. Not only do your employees have a designated space to do their work, but they can choose to both sit and stand throughout the day. This minor change prevents your team members from sinking into a recliner and getting bored as they work from their laptops.

Thanks to the versatility of a standing desk, your employees can stand and when it's time to clock out, they can lower their standing desk to a standard desk height. These desks are practical, and when they're not in use, they fold away neatly so as not to loom over the rest of your furniture.

3. Promotes Ergonomic Working Positions

Most people don't consider ergonomic positions when working from home. However, even if a team member spends just one workday in a hunched position, they can severely damage their spine and overall health and well-being. By gifting a standing desk to your employees, you help prevent ergonomic mistakes that can cost them in the future.

Since so many Americans work at home, we've seen a growing need for ergonomically designed workspaces. Unfortunately, many workers sit on the couch hunched over their laptops with their wrists arched as they work. This type of behavior can cause significant health problems if not corrected. Thankfully, standing desks eliminate these issues and more as they promote ergonomic, safe working positions for your employees.

4. Increases Productivity

It's easy to get distracted and even tired when working from home. After all, if you settle into the couch at the beginning of your workday, the chances are that you never transition into a productivity mindset. On the other hand, standing desks engage your employees, and because they spend time on their feet, they're focused and ready to work.

According to a study done by Texas A&M, people working at a standing desk are a shocking 46% more productive than when they work at traditional desks. These numbers show that standing desks help teams accomplish more efficiently, allowing for more growth and better company-wide morale.


As you can see, a standing desk provides the optimal setup for your work-from-home employees. These desks give your team a better day-to-day work experience. And when your team enjoys their work environment, they're more productive, and your business grows and benefits as a result. Contact Altus to get started on picking the right height-adjustable workstation for your employees.

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