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Signs a Computer Wall Mount Workstation Will Benefit Your Hospital

By The Altus Team
Published Jun 14, 2023 | Updated Jun 21, 2023

In today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, hospitals need to adapt their approach to providing high-quality care constantly. A crucial aspect of this transformation involves reimagining the infrastructure and equipment that help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals do their jobs effectively. One such innovation is the computer wall mount station. But how can you determine if this is the right solution for your hospital? Here are some signs that indicate a wall-mount workstation could be a game-changer for your facility.

Limited Space

Hospitals, especially in urban areas, often grapple with the issue of limited space. Traditional computer workstations, while necessary, occupy valuable floor space that could be utilized for essential patient care or other critical needs. This limitation not only affects the hospital's operational efficiency but also its ability to provide a comfortable environment for patients and staff.

This is where the value of a computer wall mount station becomes evident. By attaching the computer station to the wall, you can free up much-needed floor space. Wall mounts, like Reach, are designed to fold up compactly against a wall. Folding up within 10 inches from the wall allows clinicians to move around easily and without fear. This innovative use of vertical space improves the functionality of the hospital environment and makes the area appear less cluttered.

Safety Concerns

Another critical factor to consider is the safety of hospital staff and patients. Loose cables, equipment on the floor, or an overly crowded room can pose serious safety hazards. They not only present the risk of people tripping over them but can also impede emergency evacuation efforts.

Wall-mounted workstations help alleviate these concerns. By ensuring that all computer-related equipment and wires are safely secured on the wall, they drastically reduce the risk of accidents. Furthermore, the tidy and uncluttered environment contributes to a more comfortable hospital environment and experience.

Need for Adaptability

The ability to adapt to changing needs is integral to any hospital. Given the unpredictable nature of healthcare, having flexible infrastructure can make a significant difference. Traditional computer stations can be difficult to move or adjust, which limits their adaptability.

In contrast, wall-mounted stations can be easily repositioned or adjusted, allowing for greater flexibility. Whether you need to accommodate new equipment or redesign your hospital layout, wall mount workstations offer the adaptability needed. They ensure that your hospital can meet evolving needs swiftly and efficiently, thereby maintaining high levels of patient care and staff productivity.

Inefficient Workflow

A smooth workflow is crucial for optimal hospital operations. A computer wall mount station can be extremely beneficial if your hospital’s workflow is regularly experiencing bottlenecks or interruptions.

Traditional desktops can cause delays, as healthcare providers may need to return to a specific location to access patient information or update records. Wall-mounted stations, on the other hand, create the perfect triangle of care between the patient, caregiver, and technology. These types of workstations allow clinicians to streamline their workflows while ensuring their patients feel cared for. They also follow the optimal ergonomic strategy, which helps cut costs, prevent injuries, and promote better performance overall.

Managing Maintenance Costs

Computer wall mount stations are designed to be durable and require less frequent maintenance, reducing costs over the long term.

Moreover, because wall-mounted stations are not in contact with the floor, they are less likely to be damaged by spills or dust. This aspect further extends their lifespan, ensuring that your investment provides value for a longer time.

Need for Better Patient Interaction

The quality of patient interaction significantly impacts patient satisfaction. Incorporating a computer wall mount station can enhance patient interaction as it allows healthcare providers to share visuals and data with patients more effectively.

With adjustable wall mounts, healthcare professionals can position the screen so that patients can see it, making it easier to explain medical conditions, treatment plans, and progress. This setup encourages a more collaborative and personalized approach to patient care.


In conclusion, if your hospital identifies with any of these signs, investing in computer wall mount stations may be a highly beneficial move. Companies like Altus provide robust, advanced, and space-saving workflow solutions that can significantly enhance efficiency, safety, and patient interaction.

No hospital should have to compromise on efficiency or quality of care due to limitations of physical infrastructure. By making smart choices like implementing computer wall mount stations, hospitals can streamline their workflows and optimize their resources. By doing so, they can focus on what matters the most: providing the best possible care to their patients.

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