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Our Take on the Best 2019 Powered Workstations

By Team Altus | Published Jun 03, 2019 | 4 MIN READ
Our new line of medical powered carts will provide options for every application requiring easy-to-use, uninterrupted power.


Give your team the opportunity to stay productive and on the go with our Clio workstation on wheels. Our power system makes the cart light and easy to move. Ultrafast two-hour recharge keeps your clinicians on the go.

Choose the powered Ascend EL option to allow your team to effortlessly height adjust with a push of a button. Accidently rise the cart underneath a counter? Our technology will stop the cart in its tracks.

The navigable design accommodates multiple configurations such as laptop carts, LCD cart, all-on-one cart, medication delivery carts, swappable carts and thin clients. Our monitor mounts can accommodate any future hardware enhancements.

These solutions have made charting and data entry into electronic medical records seamless by bringing the technology to the point of care to avoid errors.


Double the battery life with swappable batteries and the option of on-board charging.


We’ve taken it a step further to not only provide best-in-class workstations but also provide secure medication delivery to the point of care. Clinicians can begin their shift by getting all of their patients’ medication ready and prepared at one time. Each patient’s medications will be individually locked and clinician access can be monitored at the cart, wall unit, or from a computer with access to the central management software. RFID badge compatible!

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It’s our mission to design and manufacture the most innovative powered carts on the market. Our warranty and service program is extensive, to best support our customers.

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