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Introducing Medical Carts That Will Change Your View!

By Ashley Greer | Published Jul 15, 2016

Laptop carts provide a great line of sight from caregiver to patient as well as in transit.

Are your clinician's comfortable using laptops, but EMR programs are pushing towards 24" LCD screens?

Introducing a new point of view...

same comfort. same sight-lines.
NEW technology.

Altus has worked with groups of clinician's to design a cart that adheres to the demands of EMR software requirements, while taking into consideration the ways in which clincian's prefer to work...

These carts have a highly mobile, compact footprint and include a CPU storage compartment at the work-surface. The LCD screen mimics the angle and height of a traditional laptop. Clinician's will enjoy a smooth transition into the upgraded EMR technology with the ease of a familiar workflow.

Available in Non-Powered and Powered Versions!

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