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What Productivity-Focused Solutions do Clinicians Look for?

By Team Altus
Published Nov 04, 2016 | Updated Oct 17, 2022

Every health system has a different routine and different needs for their day-to-day schedule. When designing a new product, factoring in the different needs, and taking note of the most common requests to have for a computer workstation becomes crucial. To learn more, Altus previously met with multiple clinicians and hospital facilities around the country to better understand the top requested elements of a workstation to promote productivity and efficiency.

After gathering up the responses, the most common comments were:

  • Comfortable and easy to use

  • Everything needed is accessible at the point-of-care station

  • Products are patient-centered and support caregiving

Equipped with these items in mind when designing new carts, Altus checks off each of the needs above in every new product before launching. Keep reading to learn how we meet these top requested pieces before releasing new products.

Comfortable and easy to use

For clinicians and nurses, being comfortable while working is crucial. The strain that comes from bending, reaching, and twisting can take a toll on the body. If the strain becomes too much, it keeps clinicians from being able to offer the best level of care possible, and in some severe cases can lead to permanent injury.

To keep nurses comfortable while offering patient care for up to 14 hours a day, each Altus workstation is engineered to be as ergonomically designed as possible. Equipped with 18” of sit-to-stand technology that is operated by either a button or a lever depending on the cart model, each Altus cart offers a level of comfortability no matter the height of the user. No guesswork is involved on how to use each cart whether it be a laptop cart or an LCD cart. Simply press the “up” button on the handle (electric lift option) or hold the lever (manual option) to bring the cart to the desired height for the clinician.

Everything needed is accessible at point-of-care

The fast-paced nature of healthcare and the number of items needed to care for various patients means needing a workstation on wheels that can carry every piece of equipment needed. Added to the fact that inputting data into electronic medical records (EMRs) are taking up to 43% of the day, leaving less time for clinicians to retrieve supplies.

The growing need to have everything available on a medical cart resulted in our line of accessories. With options such as sharps disposal containers, barcode holders, convenient drawers, and more, no nurse has to pick and choose their most needed accessories. With the accessories Altus offers, a clinician can move from medication delivery to inputting data with ease and know everything for the next room is ready to go on their workstation as well.

Products are patient-centered and support caregiving

At the heart of healthcare is the goal to help patients. Whether that be by offering treatment or caregiving, it is what the field is centered on. Clinicians need carts that while helping them, do not put patient experience and satisfaction to the side. If a nurse is unable to offer the best level of care due to their clunky workstation, the workstation becomes burdensome and the nurse must work harder to overcome this obstacle.

To ensure each Altus workstation is patient-centered, a multi-step process is put in place. The first is the ergonomic design. Not only does an ergonomic design create a better workstation for the clinician using it, but it offers a way to push the technology out of the way. They don’t block the view of the patient or create the need to talk over a block of a monitor. Additionally, each workstation is built to be compact. With bedside wall-mounts retracting to be within 10” of the wall and carts having small footprints to fit into tight spaces, the rooms are not taken over by the workstations. A clinician can offer a calm environment while still offering the most detailed level of care they can.


Offering tailored solutions in workstations so they can fit into any clinician’s life improves the patient satisfaction and level of care hospitals can offer. Altus meets all the needs a clinician requires to promote productivity and allow nurses to feel better during their shifts. Contact us to schedule a demo and see our productivity-focused workstations.

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