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Altus Delivers Mobile Carts for COVID-19 Roadside Testing in Texas

By Team Altus
Published Jun 15, 2020 | Updated Feb 17, 2022 | 6 min read

Texas health officials have become concerned about hospital capacity while keeping up with COVID-19 patients. To minimize strain, public screening and antibody collection sites have become available statewide, in-person, and at drive-thru locations.

One of the more popular methods to conduct mass testing has been setting up roadside clinics. This allows patients to be swabbed without getting out of their cars. This system does give hospitals the obstacle of sourcing medical supplies and staff that can support it.

Mobile workstations provide clinicians with a means to document EMRs and bring supplies at the point of care even in this unique situation. Read on to learn how Altus delivered mobile workstations to help one Texas hospital in need.

Texas COVID-19 Roadside Testing Site in Need

As COVID-19 patient demand began to overflow one particular hospital in Texas, it quickly set out to launch roadside testing to serve patients as a short-term strategy. In order to carry out this task, the hospital needed mobile and durable carts to serve on this unusual terrain. The hospital reached out to Altus and multiple powered carts were deployed within days.

How Altus Delivered

Altus studies the needs of clinicians and knows a hospital environment is demanding so carts are built with an emphasis on durability. Each Altus workstation ensures high-quality durability, uses minimal plastic parts, and instead is built with die-cast aluminum and steel for constant years of use.

With Altus American Built Workstations, You Can Expect:

  • Better Quality
  • Better Durability
  • Act on Urgency
  • Use of Die-Cast vs Plastic

As a result, this Texas hospital was quickly provided with carts they could rely on even in the most extraordinary times.

Durable Carts

Workstations that are built to last. Altus manufacturers carts that last much longer than the anticipated 5-year lifecycle in order to give customers the best return on their investment. Not only do can Altus carts hold up to everyday use, but they are also aesthetically pleasing with solid yet lightweight cast aluminum and steel.

Along with the aluminum and steel construction, our impervious thermofoil worksurfaces help healthcare facilities create a clean, calming, and healing aesthetic. Altus’ non-porous surfaces are able to withstand hospital cleaning agents without diminishing. With our smooth finish and color flexibility, healthcare environments can be easily designed with patients and caregivers in mind. Download our list of EPA and Altus approved disinfectants against COVID-19.

Altus is proud to build extremely durable workstations. With less than 0.5% of Altus carts having required service fixes, healthcare teams can put back their attention on safety and efficiency by choosing the Altus product line. Download our Durability white paper.

Heavy Duty Medical Casters

Altus heavy-duty casters are constructed from high-grade synthetic materials. Their strong protective coverings can be easily cleaned and block unwanted debris. Each casters’ directional lock improves steering around corners, as well as moving in straight in hallways. The easy-to-use locking level will keep your cart in place while your clinicians walk away and will only start moving once activated by the user.

Battery Technology and Safety

Altus’ Clio powered carts utilize LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery technology; recognized as the safest in the industry. Designed for safety and long hours, LiFePO4 chemistry is ideal for healthcare professionals.

AltusCare: Extended Warranty & Service Program

Standard Warranty & Services

Altus is confident in our rock-solid construction and built a 5-year limited warranty to match.

Extended Warranty & Services

Select the right warranty and service programs that fit your needs from our vast portfolio of options.

We know life happens and workstations may need repairs—especially in the demanding environments of healthcare facilities. Once an Altus customer, you’ll have access to AltusCare - our online portal filled with extensive FAQ, troubleshooting and installation guides, and service request forms. Our customer support team will respond to you within two business hours and if needed, someone can be onsite within 72 hours with even faster times available.

When You Needed Us, We Were There For You.

Durability and reliability are core attributes of Altus products. Altus Inc. has studied clinicians' needs and manufactured workstations to support their workflow since 2001. As we move forward, together, Altus remains focused on planning for a future of possibilities within the healthcare community and we’ll be here whenever you need us.

We are here and at the ready to help supply hospitals like you with the medical equipment you need as we fight against COVID-19! Reach out if you need anything to [email protected]us-inc.com

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