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The Value of Working With Altus

By Team Altus | Published Jun 19, 2019 | 3 min read

The most important thing we can offer our customers is value. In this article, we’ll break down today’s healthcare reimbursement age and the value Altus provides. Continue to read to make sure you’re getting the most out of your medical workstation provider.

Medical Computer Cart Budget

Your budget is important. IT departments do a lot of leg work to cut costs. Most can say the days of reimbursement are gone. Purchasing what’s marketed as “the best product” (which in turn just ended up being the most expensive with little follow-through of durability and customer service) is no longer acceptable.

Strategies have changed. Health facilities need a product that is going to last, look nice and satisfy clinicians. That’s where Altus comes in. Our medical workstations and customer service thrive in the industry.

The Value of Altus

Ahhh - the ease of doing business with Altus. Our goal is to make your job easier, and to make you and your team look good!

Shipping Benefits

  • Free Freight. Expect this benefit for all standard products shipped to the contiguous 48 states.
  • 9 Colors – No Upcharge. Altus’ wide color portfolios help meet the needs of hospital design. Did you know that colors can help patient healing? We have a white paper for that!
  • UPS Ground. Need it fast? Our popular and ground-breaking MPC-42 laptop cart and MPC-43 kidney laptop cart can be there in a flash.

Everything You Need in a Workstation Provider

  • 60+ Accessories that support custom solutions to fit your needs. Check out our gallery of accessories. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our in-house engineers love a good custom solution challenge.
  • MPM View Software. Each powered cart comes with a free built-in diagnostic software. It’s a predictive and descriptive tool that reduces costs. Expect to improve your workflow process and utilization. Learn more about MPM View here.

Local Customer Service

Altus’ customer service team is located in Grand Rapids, MI – our office is right outside our manufacturing facility doors. We’ve worked hard to provide our customers with superior service and create programs that go above and beyond. We’re proud of our extended warranty and services program.

Access our newly launched service management platform! AltusCare is our online portal filled with extensive FAQ, troubleshooting and installation guides. Submit a service request here. We’ll reach out to you within two business hours.

Medical Equipment You Can Trust

Altus Inc. has studied clinicians' needs and manufactured workstations to support their workflow since 2001. We build our product catalog around safety, durability, style, and ergonomics.

Medical Computer Carts - Our battery powered carts are built with the lightest yet durable materials. Clio carts can squeeze into tight places while still allowing ample room for foot placement with an 18.5” wide footprint.

Computer Wall Workstations - Altus' heavy-duty wall track mount with a keyboard tray and monitor support is a great solution for space efficiency. Reach allows you to sit-to-stand with easy-to-adjust components. Accessorize your Altus wall mounted workstation with a CPU holder and more.

Mobile Carts - Our medical computer cart on wheels are stylish, strong, and sturdy, yet ergonomic and compact to allow your healthcare team to move in a healthy way.

Medication carts - Secure locking narcotics storage and ergonomic pull-out shelves are important features in a med cart. ClioMed is ergonomically designed with ample storage.

Next Steps to Working With Altus

  1. Reach out to us! When you reach out to Altus, you’ll be connected with a local workstation expert. They understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to get your equipment up and running. [email protected]
  2. Check out our literature. Get the nitty-gritty details you need.
  3. Request a free sample evaluation so you and your clinicians can test-drive our powered and non-powered carts in your facility. See if you qualify!
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