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7 New Medical Cart Accessories to Boost Productivity & Satisfaction

By Team Altus
Published Dec 16, 2019 | Updated Oct 13, 2022 | 4 min read

Instantly turn your cart into a fully customized workstation that supports workflow productivity with Altus recently launched drawer and shelf accessories. All accessories are built for cart storage, keeping your workspace clean and clutter-free and the tools you need most nearby.

The accessories below are compatible with Altus mobile workstations. All accessories can be mounted within seconds to create a highly functional powered and non-powered workstation on wheels.

Multi-Purpose Adjustable Shelves

The MPS-6-PL is the ideal workstation mounting bracket to keep printers and other small equipment secure.

Worksurface Mounted Drawer

Make opening drawers a breeze. The DSW-NL worksurface mounted drawers are designed for easy access without a lock or key on both powered and non-powered carts. Looking for a more secure storage solution? Altus also carries the same DSW drawer with a lock built into the workstation with key access.

Column Mounted Drawers

Choose from one or two drawers with our column-mounted lockless drawer. Its smooth, user-friendly design allows clinicians to open the drawers without constraint.

  • Non-Powered Cart Drawers: DS1-NL, DS2-NL
  • Powered Cart Drawers: PT-DS1-NL, PT-DS2-NL

Improves Workflows

Clinicians can walk over 5 miles during a single 12-hour shift. One way to combat this statistic is with storage solutions. Clinicians can begin their shift by collecting any equipment, medication, or other tools at one time and storing them on their cart whether it be on a shelf or drawer. Maximize productivity with more tools on hand and less time retrieving supplies.

Clinician Focused

More claims for occupational injuries related to repetitive tasks, such as typing, bending, and lifting, are filed every day in the nursing profession. In order to mitigate that risk, ease of mobility and intuitive adjustments on workstations are crucial to clinicians’ comfort and productivity.

The BCHPS1 and BCHPS2 multi-purpose adjustable shelves are mounted on the monitor, within ergonomic reach for clinicians. Smooth drawers slide easily with no user constraint. The right accessories can help maintain a healthy work environment.


By focusing on clinician happiness, you are also focusing on bettering the patient experience. By pairing technology workstations with accessories that support work tasks, clinicians are allotted more time to provide better care. Mobile workstations and tools allow for EHR data entry near the patient bedside reducing room for error.

IT Approved

Our carts and accessories are easy to assemble and feature integrated cord management solutions. Altus provides a full warranty and service options to put time back into IT’s day.

Durable, ergonomic, and compact, mobile workstations and their accessories have the ability to assist in productivity and safety. By configuring the best accessories for your cart, you can significantly reduce foot travel and increase patient and clinician satisfaction.

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