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Manufacturer Deploys 125 Medical Carts for Michigan Hospital During Pandemic

By Team Altus
Published Jun 02, 2020 | Updated Feb 17, 2022 | 4 min read

More than 57,000 Michigan COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. As Michigan health systems are facing a surge of patients, equipment, such as medical carts, is in high demand.

Below is a customer case study showcasing how Altus was there for one of our customers by manufacturing, delivering, and implementing 125 powered workstations within a short time frame to help battle COVID-19 in Michigan.

Michigan Health System in Need

A large health system in Southeast Michigan needed to quickly acquire equipment to keep up with the rising COVID-19 cases but didn’t have the necessary staff to deploy everything.

They wanted to find a provider that could deploy to each of their sites. The health system knew they could rely on Altus and again partnered with us to implement our workstations for their clinicians.

Within a week and a half, 125 C3 Clio powered workstations were built, integrated, and deployed by the Altus team. Clinicians were able to receive the equipment they needed to combat COVID-19 as quickly as they did because of Altus’ expertise in implementation methods and mission to support the customer every step of the way.

How Altus Manufactured, Delivered, and Implemented During COVID-19

Altus' main core value is “Customer First”. That means providing reliable products and services for our customers when they need us. We strive to earn our customer’s trust. Altus ensured this delivery of products and services because of:

With a quarter-century of experience in creating technology workflow solutions for clinicians and staff, Altus is a leader in the healthcare you can trust. The Altus Implementation Program is a systematic approach to integrating new Altus technology in your facility while considering your facility's current procedures.

“Altus prides itself on being dedicated to the people and process. Honest and constant communication are keys to success.”

- Joe Hillebrand, Altus National Sales Director

Workstation Cleaning Guide Against COVID-19

Workstations on wheels are becoming increasingly important in healthcare delivery, yet they are at risk of becoming a vehicle for the transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) between patients and staff.

To reduce the spread of HAIs, Altus put together this medical workstation cleaning guide so you can properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your workstations.

Did you know? Altus utilizes worksurfaces that can be cleaned without diminishing the quality with EPA-approved disinfectants against COVID-19.

Altus was there for our customers. We're here for you too!

Altus has made strategic shifts in our operations to meet this surge of demand. We dedicated more employees to production, optimized our supply chain, and prioritized COVID-19 orders. We quickly launched a phlebotomy cart and powered telehealth cart and our product development is in full swing for a virtual visitor cart to support patients.

Altus prides itself on its US-based supply chain and we are now, more than ever, proud of our proven process in getting carts to our customers in an unprecedented time of need.

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