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Height Adjustable Medical Carts

By Team Altus
Published Apr 05, 2018 | Updated Mar 08, 2022

Height Adjustability on Medical Carts and the Ergonomic Benefits

Caregivers are placed at risk every day when they walk up to a mobile technology cart that is not designed with proper ergonomic benefits or them in mind. Dramatic? You might be surprised to learn that poor adjustable workstation design can create stressful repetitive movements and awkward postures. This can pose as the major risk factor for Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs in clinicians.

The height adjustability of our mobile technology cart is dictated by anthropometric (body measurements) data and guidelines. This data indicates proper elbow and eye height for injury-free typing. Ergonomic typing and one-step adjustability will save the caregiver time, energy, and their own health.

Fortunately for caregivers, Altus’ mobile technology carts and wall-mounts offer both manual and electric lift systems that with one-step height adjustment, place them in an ideal ergonomic position with little effort. Altus provides maximum flexibility to fit your data entry workflow and viewing with the Ascend and Ascend Electric Lift (EL) Sit-to-Stand Lift Technology.

Effortless height adjustability (easy to adjust up and easy to adjust down), and a fluid 18 inches of height adjustment range, enables a comfortable view of your laptop or monitor. Altus mobile workstations are designed for prolonged sitting or standing applications. Ascend and Ascend EL offers a truly ergonomic design that accommodates a wide range of clinician and caregiver heights (from 5 percentile - 95 percentile).

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