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Ergonomic Cart Company Delivers Custom Carts to California Hospital

By Team Altus
Published Jun 24, 2020 | Updated Feb 17, 2022 | 5 min read

California Hospital Seeking Ergonomic Carts

A health system in California, one of the largest in the United States, looked to support their clinicians through the pandemic by not only getting them the equipment that they needed but still taking care of the clinician with an ergonomic workstation. They reached out to their trusted partner, Altus to help them accomplish this.

Within one week 85 custom carts with accessories were built and shipped by Altus. This custom workflow solution was deployed, delivering technology and tools on sit-to-stand mobile carts, supporting clinician ergonomic comfort while completing work tasks. From the monitor support to the keyboard to the mobility of wheels - each part of the workstation is adjustable to fit each unique clinician.

How Altus Delivered

This was accomplished through a US-based supply chain and Altus’ all-hands-on-deck mentality between engineering, manufacturing, and customer service to support customers.

As an ergonomic cart company, Altus' benefits consist of:

  • US-Based Supply Chain
  • In-house Design and Engineering
  • Full Line of Accessories

As a result, this California hospital system worked with Altus on a custom cart order and received ergonomic carts in one week to support their clinicians.

Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic workstations are key to creating a safe, healthy work environment. They help organizations improve employee health, reduce workplace injuries, and lower related costs.

“Clinicians will find that new technologies not only help them with routine processes such as hours of EMRs but decrease human errors that result from long working hours and workplace hazards.”
- Eric Kahkonen, Altus CRO

Ergonomics in Healthcare

Altus is an ergonomic cart company specialized in healthcare. Our workstations on wheels and wall-mounts are designed with features to prevent repetitive strain injuries and for maximum comfort and productivity.

To Altus, our “Customer First” core value means providing the most ergonomic products for clinicians and reliable services for our customers. When hospitals can provide their staff with ergonomic equipment, they improve nurses' daily work life which in return increases patient satisfaction.

Our goal is to help clinicians improve posture, offer correct support, and increase productivity.

Sit-to-Stand Carts

Proper positioning goes a long way. Studies have shown that regularly changing your position from sitting to standing helps reduce fatigue and improves productivity. Altus' Ascend and Ascend EL height adjustment lift allows clinicians to be seated or standing with one single motion.

Not only do Altus carts height adjust to allow the user to work sitting or standing, but the monitor support can adjust up to 5.5" as well and tilt and swivel for ultimate ergonomic viewing.

Custom Built Medical Workstations

Altus ergonomic workstations can be configured with multiple accessories and colors. Our full line of accessories includes baskets, power cords, drawers and more will help support your workflow. Each cart's worksurface is available in 8 colors at no extra charge to create a complete branding aesthetic.

Don't see something that you're looking for? Altus' product development team has decades of experience and are confident in bringing your idea to life. Our in-house product development and design team saves time, cuts costs, and provides you with a custom product.

EPA Approved Disinfectants for Medical Worksurfaces

Nearly 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) occur each in American hospitals. Approximately 5% of patients admitted to the hospital contract on HAI.

Altus’ seamless worksurfaces mitigate the buildup and are easy to clean. Recently, the EPA published a list of approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

Download Our Altus Worksurface Approved Disinfectants Sell Sheet.

Workstation Cleaning Guide Against COVID-19

Workstations on wheels are becoming increasingly important in healthcare delivery, yet they are at risk of becoming a vehicle for the transmission of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) between patients and staff.

To reduce the spread of HAIs, Altus put together this medical workstation cleaning guide so you can properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your workstations.

When You Needed Us, We Were There For You.

Reliability and ergonomics are core traits of Altus workstations. Altus Inc. has studied clinicians' needs and manufactured workstations to support their workflow since 2001. As we move forward, together, Altus remains focused on planning for a future of possibilities within the healthcare community and we’ll be here whenever you need us.

We are here and at the ready to help supply hospitals like you with the medical equipment you need as we fight against COVID-19! Reach out if you need anything to [email protected]

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