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Altus at #ArabHealth 2019 in Dubai

By Amber Zaucha | Published Jan 18, 2019 | 3 min read

Altus Inc. will be attending Arab Health, the largest, most comprehensive healthcare event in the Middle East. Stationed at the Dubai World Trade Centre. From January 28-31, 2019 Altus will be among one of the 4,000+ companies from 70+ countries showcasing our medical products.

Arab Health in Duabi

The event brings in 84,000+ professionals from 160+ countries sourcing the latest medical equipment and technology.

Over four days these professionals attend many educational workshops and join in on one-on-one conversations with exhibiting company representatives.

This show is important to Altus because it’s an opportunity for us to network and connect with current and future global customers. It’s the largest show in the region and it will enable us to have more intimate conversations while showing off our cutting edge Altus workstation.

Will you be attending #ArabHealth? Discover what makes Altus’ technology workstations so durable, ergonomic, and stylish. Contact our Director of Product Marketing to meet with her while she’s there to chat about our products and services! s.leitz@altus-inc.com

Altus Medical Workstations

Altus specializes in battery powered carts, non-powered carts and wall mounted workstations for healthcare. We've supported clinicians since 2001 with our sit-to-stand adjustable workstations. We understand the demanding environment of healthcare facilities and design our products to last. Durability, reliability, and style are core attributes of Altus products.

Battery Powered Carts

Each powered computer cart has enough power to last an entire shift and allows your team to can sit, stand, and move technology with ease. Powered hospital carts are vital to patient and clinician satisfaction. Altus studies clinician needs to design innovative adjustable workstation solutions to enhance efficiency and workflow. Altus carts can be customized with multiple configurations, accessories, and colors.

Non-Powered Workstations

Each compact computer cart takes technology with the user in a simple and seamless way. Altus Inc prides itself on manufacturing a durable yet lightweight hospital computer cart on wheels with a small footprint. Our laptop carts for healthcare feature a smooth worksurface that can handle the toughest cleaners to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). An Altus computer cart with casters allows clinicians to move smoothly over any surface to ensure an efficient workflow with no boundaries.

Wall Mounted Workstations

Wall mounted workstations with an adjustable monitor, swivel arm, and height-adjustable desk supports communication between the patient, clinician and technology. An Altus wall mount cpu holder provides even more valuable space savings and features a vent to keep your equipment cool when used over a long period of time.

Founded over 17 years ago in Grand Rapids, MI, Altus serves clients such as Spectrum Health, University of Michigan, Rush University Medical Center and Health First with a variety of mobile and wall-mounted workstations. Offerings are designed to create safe and productive healthcare environments while satisfying both patients and caregivers.

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