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Spur Satisfaction in Healthcare Facilitates with Colors

By Amber Zaucha | Published Mar 05, 2019 | 1 min read

Different colors have been proven to have different psychological effects. The fact that colors can be tied to patient and clinician satisfaction should spur hospitals into action. Altus has a portfolio of eight different computer cart surface colors because of the substantial benefits they provide to our customers and ultimately their clinicians and patients.

Use Color to Improve Patient Experiences

Healthcare spaces today are being designed to create environments that help people feel centered and calm. Healing colors can influence mood, calm the nervous system, and make surroundings seem peaceful.

Use Color to Improve Employee Experiences

Clinicians need the best environment, workstation carts, and tools for them to help their patients heal. Choosing the right color for your healthcare facility can boost clinician productivity and satisfaction.

Healing Colors for Hospitals

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Pink
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. Purple

Altus suggests incorporating natural wood grains to your workstation on wheels in healthcare to add an element of nature for a calming effect and warm shades for promoting energy, alertness, and optimism.

However, it’s advised to not go overboard on painting every wall, furniture piece or workstation a bold color, as the color could turn into a distraction. Incorporate these subtle color details in workstation surfaces instead.

Download our white paper: The Science, and Art of Wellbeing for a deeper breakdown on color choices, an analysis of patient and caregiver outcomes and to see Altus' new workstation on wheels worksurface color portfolio!

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