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Swipe And Go RFID Access

By Sarah Leitz | Published Aug 24, 2018

An increasing number of hospitals are becoming more invested in the wonderful world of RFID technology because of its flexibility and security. Another benefit of using RFID technology is that it allows clinicians to easily access secure areas or equipment without having to remember yet another access code or having another touchpoint.

Altus is the industry leader in medication delivery carts. Now it's even easier to secure and audit medication to the point of care. Our touchless RFID badge reader, available for ClioMed seamlessly merges with current hospital RFID systems, allowing employees to log in with just their badge.

Our medication delivery products include auditing features with the ability to track medication delivery all the way to the point of care and be able to identify and track which staff members have logged in to administer or change out medications.

It’s easy to quickly assign access levels for each employee depending on security levels. Our varying security levels can give staff administration capabilities with access to everything, only access to medication, or access to only technical features and no medication. Once these are set and the badges are in the system, everyone can just swipe their badge and they are ready to go!

Creating a swipe-n-go workflow for clinicians reiterates the importance/value of the clinicians’ time. Less time doing administrative tasks equals more time to focus on their patients.

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