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The Best Sit-to-Stand Mobile Workstations in 2022

By Team Altus
Published Aug 20, 2019 | Updated Apr 20, 2022 | 4 min read

Altus Non-Powered Carts

Simple workstations on wheels for easy point of care documentation

Altus' non-powered carts deliver point of care technology for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way. Our H-class mobile workstations allow for on the go technology accessibility, seamlessly integrating into multiple workflows. Move through your daily tasks effortlessly with our lightweight and ergonomic carts. Altus re-establishes the standard for non-powered carts with our design, durability, and intuitive adjustability.

Highly Mobile

With new EMR requirements, documentation is more important than ever and you need equipment that works with you to make your job easier, not more complicated. Clinicians already walk more than the average person, making it essential to bring technology with the clinicians to not only reduce steps but help reduce errors and increase efficiency by charting while talking with the patient. Ease of mobility and intuitive adjustments are also crucial components to a clinicians' comfort and productivity in the fast-paced healthcare environment.

Compact Footprint

Space is incredibly valuable in healthcare environments. Multiple clinicians' required in a room, a large amount of family surrounding a patient or numerous types of equipment can all lead to tight quarters. Each cart is designed with a compact footprint for both functionality and satisfaction.

Clinician focused

Whether sitting or standing, promoting healthy work habits and delivering care efficiently and effectively is essential within each hospital setting. Mobile workstations that adjust to each unique caregiver with human factors in mind provides the comfort that is needed for each daily task.


Face-to-Face interaction at eye level improves not only the patient's perception of the visit but can also aid in creating a stress-free environment. With our proprietary Ascend lift technology, it’s easy to raise and lower all of our workstations. Our sightline carts make it super easy to always make eye contact, or our monitor arms allow you to quickly swivel the monitor for both patient and clinician viewing. Choose the best solution to fit your needs!

Top Non-Powered Carts

MPC-43P: Kidney Laptop Cart

Our most popular cart features a stylish kidney-shaped worksurface.

HLC7P2: Locking Laptop Cart

This locking laptop cart features a dual surface for more working space. Keep your technology safe with the sturdy built-in lock.

MPC-42P: Rectangular Laptop Cart

MPC-43P's laptop cart is another popular mobile workstation with its stylish rectangular surface.

CLP Laptop Cart

Our CLP's locking worksurface will keep your laptop secure. The mobile cart's pullout keyboard tray and large surface gives the clinician plenty of working space.

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