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Top Mobile Workstations for Nurses in 2022

By Team Altus
Published Aug 16, 2019 | Updated Feb 16, 2022

Welcome to a world of uninterrupted workflow.

Altus builds durable, mobile, and ergonomic powered workstations on wheels, at an affordable price point.

Entering data into your EMR and being mobile to tend to patients simultaneously is more important than ever. Altus Clio powered technology workstations deliver point of care documentation for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way.

Our Clio workstations are compatible with ANY technical requirement you may have, and with power that lasts an entire shift. Ergonomically designed with clinician wellbeing in mind and patient interaction is simplified through this cart adjustability.

Powered Cart Benefits

Highly Mobile

In one shift, clinicians can walk five miles and often spend over two hours retrieving supplies each shift. Ease of mobility and intuitive adjustments are crucial to a clinicians' comfort and productivity. Choose from three casters to best fit your environment.


Face-to-face interaction at eye level improves not only the patient's perception of the visit but can also aid in creating a stress-free environment. Cart height adjustment and monitor tilt and swivel make it easier for clinicians and patients to communicate.

Clinician Focused

For a healthy work environment, it is essential to have a technology workstation that adjusts to each unique clinician considering all ergonomic adjustments to make the ideal workstations.

What makes an ergonomic workstation, you ask? This checklist lists the key features to look for in a technology workstation.

Flexible Battery Options

Have you thought about what battery option you need for each of your workstations on wheels and what will fit your budget? Altus offers multiple battery options to provide each customer with the right fit for every situation.

The Clio is our most powerful cart with unsurpassed run-time of 12-14 hours per full charge! From long-lasting swappable batteries to wall-charging batteries while you work - we've got you covered!

Color Choices to Brighten Up Workspaces

Add some warm colors to brighten your hospital environment! Our five worksurface colors help healthcare facilities create a calming and healing aesthetic.

That's right, colors can aid in healing! From a smooth finish to color flexibility, healthcare environments can be easily designed with patients and caregivers in mind.

MPM View Software

All of our powered carts come standard with our MPM view software. Instantly see the remaining power in hours, get technical information or track the entire fleet from your remote desk!

Download our MPM View sell sheet for more details on this powerful software.

Top Powered Carts

We understand that what's right for one floor, or even one department, may not be right for the rest of the hospital. That is why we have designed a comprehensive powered cart line to empower the caregiver. Our portfolio of Powered Carts consists of on-board charging, swappable power, or a hybrid system to make sure all of your bases are covered.

The Clio.

As technology evolves so does the way care is provided and documented. Our Clio workstation on wheels line is designed to remove obstacles and enhance the care given to patients. On-board charging powers technology components and recharges the battery simultaneously, keeping you up and running and re-charged within two hours.

The ClioMed

Secure medication delivery all the way to the point of care. ClioMed is our medication delivery version of our popular Clio powered cart. It has all of the benefits of our Clio powered cart as well as unsurpassed security with individual locking drawers, audit tracking, and an intuitive design.

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