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Altus Helps Pittsburgh Hospital Provide Clinicians with Critical Care Carts

By Team Altus
Published Jun 10, 2020 | Updated Apr 18, 2022 | 5 min read

Critical Care Carts and The Fight Against COVID-19

There are over 75,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania. As Pennsylvania hospitals care for the surge of patients, they need suppliers and manufacturers that can produce and provide critical equipment and supplies to support their clinicians.

Read on to learn about how Altus was able to deliver 200 critical care carts within days to one Pittsburgh, PA hospital system.

Highly Ranked Pittsburgh Health System in Need

A highly ranked hospital system in Pittsburgh, PA wanted to provide staff with workstations that were easy to clean and could hold up to the harsh chemicals from the EPAs approved list of cleaners to tackle COVID-19. They also needed a cart that could ergonomically support their clinicians. The pandemic had the units experiencing a surge, placing a great demand for equipment and resources to support clinicians.

To care for the increased demand of patients, they needed a cart manufacturer that could provide high-quality carts in a short amount of time that could be disinfected without diminishing its quality.

The health system expanded its partnership with Altus, adding 200 non-powered carts in a matter of days to their critical care units. By doubling production capacity and tripling output during the pandemic, Altus was able to provide carts that can be disinfected against viruses in an urgent matter

How Altus Delivered Within Days

Altus was able to complete this order of critical workstations because of our:

  • Prioritized COVID-19 orders
  • Focus on ergonomics
  • Use of quality materials

With a quarter-century of experience in creating technology workflow solutions for clinicians and staff, Altus Inc. is a leader in the healthcare you can trust. Our medical workstations are fully certified and tested to work as hard as your clinicians do.

Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic workstations are key to creating a safe, healthy work environment. To Altus, our “Customer First” core value means providing the most ergonomic products for clinicians and reliable services for our customers. When hospitals can provide their staff with ergonomic equipment, they improve nurses' daily work life which in return increases patient satisfaction.

EPA Approved Disinfectants for Altus Worksurfaces

Nearly 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) occur each in American hospitals. Approximately 5% of patients admitted to the hospital contract on HAI.

Altus’ seamless worksurfaces mitigate the buildup and are easy to clean. Recently, the EPA published a list of approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

Download Our Altus Worksurface Approved Disinfectants Sell Sheet 👇

Essential Workstation Manufacturer

As COVID-19 becomes widespread across the globe, Altus remains focused on creating products that support our customers' workflows. At the start of the spread of the virus, Altus began manufacturing non-powered portable ventilator carts to support patients relying on ventilators and telemedicine workstations to support the communication gap between patients and clinicians.

Ventilator Cart - To help address the shortage of vital medical equipment during the pandemic, Altus designed a new cart to support phlebotomists. The easy-to-deploy carts come fully assembled and can be accessorized with front or rear baskets, shelves, heavy-duty casters, and other workstation accessories to aid in each hospital's unique workflow.

Telehealth Cart - Altus launched a telehealth cart to support virtual appointments to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The telemedicine carts integrate cameras, displays, and online access to bring remote clinicians and patients together virtually.

To learn more about Altus' products, download our Care Moves Altus Product Overview brochure.

Altus was there for this PA hospital when they needed us. We're here for you too!

Altus has proved in uncertain times that one thing is certain - we’re there for our customers and will continue to be. By dedicating more employees to production, optimizing our US-based supply chain, we are able to meet this unprecedented surge of demand.

In moments like these, when time is of the essence, our US-based supply chain means meeting crucial quality standards, quicker lead times, and more dependability. Altus will continue to be here whenever you need us.

If you need anything at all, reach out to [email protected].

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