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Altus Efforts During COVID-19

By The Altus Team
Published Jun 15, 2020 | Updated Nov 01, 2022 | 5 min read

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Altus made concerted efforts to assist where we could. From delivering computer workstations where they’re needed most to speeding up production to get the carts to the hospitals in time, Altus was there to help.

Below are 5 instances Altus stepped up to help hospitals provide the care their patients need during the uncertain times of COVID-19.

Designing custom computer carts for a California health system

One of the largest health systems in the United States was in search of medical PC carts to fit their specific needs. The California-based hospital system worked with Altus to design custom computer carts to fit their exact patient and clinician needs.

Within one week of contact and initial designs, 85 custom carts with accessories were built and shipped by Altus. This custom workflow solution was quickly deployed, delivering technology and tools on powered carts. They are built with ergonomics in mind to fit unique clinician requirements and offer a more comfortable shift while they try to determine the best way to navigate COVID-19.

Delivering mobile medical carts for roadside testing in Texas

As COVID-19 patient demand began to overflow in one particular hospital in Texas quickly set out to launch roadside testing. Roadside testing was aimed to serve patients who are in search of a COVID-19 test and to help with overflow in the hospital. In order to carry out this task, the hospital needed mobile and durable carts to serve on this unusual terrain.

The hospital reached out to Altus in hopes of getting a fleet of carts that would be used in a parking lot for clinicians to input EMR data while performing roadside tests. After working with Altus and outlining what the hospital was in search of, multiple powered carts were deployed within days.

Manufacturing critical care carts for Pennsylvania hospital

A highly ranked hospital system in Pittsburgh wanted to provide staff with workstations on wheels that were easy to clean and could hold up to the harsh chemicals from the EPAs approved list of cleaners to tackle COVID-19. The hospital system also needed a cart that could ergonomically support their clinicians. The pandemic had the units experiencing a surge in patients, causing a greater demand for equipment and resources to support clinicians.

To care for the increased demand of patients, they needed a cart manufacturer that could provide high-quality carts in a short amount of time. The computer carts needed to hold up to routine and constant cleaning while not diminishing in quality.

After determining the best laptop cart for the health system, they expanded their partnership with Altus by adding 200 non-powered carts in a matter of days to their critical care units. By doubling production capacity and tripling output during the pandemic, Altus was able to provide carts that can be disinfected against viruses in an urgent matter

Deploying powered carts to a Michigan hospital

A large health system in Southeast Michigan needed to quickly acquire equipment to keep up with the rising COVID-19 cases but didn’t have the necessary staff to deploy the equipment to each of their locations.

The health system wanted to find a provider that could deploy to each of their sites. The buying group knew they could rely on Altus and partnered with our team to implement our workstations throughout their facilities for their clinicians.

Within a week and a half, 125 powered workstations were built, integrated, and deployed by the Altus team. Clinicians were able to receive the equipment they needed to combat COVID-19 as quickly as they did because of the expertise Altus has in implementation methods and our mission to support the customer every step of the way.

Helping New York hospital with powered computer carts

One of the largest health care systems in the New York metropolitan area needed to quickly implement the necessary equipment to meet rising COVID-19 patients. The under-equipped health system wanted to accomplish this goal by sourcing and providing reliable workstations for its clinicians. The goal was to give clinicians the mobility needed to input data in EHRs while still offering an elevated level of care.

The organization reached out to Altus who was able to quickly manufacture 100 powered carts. The New York hospital quickly dispersed throughout its facilities. Within 5 business days, Altus was able to build and deliver these carts to the frontlines of the crisis in New York. Using these workstations, clinicians were able to perform all of their duties, keep up with rising patient demand, and combat COVID-19, all while keeping patient satisfaction high.

Continued efforts to help healthcare

While the initial parts of the pandemic have passed, Altus is continuing our efforts to support healthcare the way we know best: with clinician-focused computer carts.

Each of our computers on wheels are designed to offer clinicians a required level of mobility to help their patients. During COVID-19 they are crossing more terrains than ever before, and with different caster options, Altus computer carts can go anywhere computer carts need to go.

Altus also offers a telehealth cart line focused on connecting patients to their doctors virtually. And we don’t stop there: our team continues to vet new innovative designs of our mobile workstations to ensure they exceed expectations.

Contact Altus to learn more about our innovations, and how our workstations on wheels can help your hospital system.

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