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A Guide to Healthcare Workstations in 2021

By Team Altus | Published Apr 22, 2020 | 4 min read

Are you planning to upgrade your healthcare and medical workstations? Understanding what’s available and best practices before you select your workstation supplier will save you money and time down the line.

Planning for Healthcare and Medical Workstations

Scroll through our healthcare workstation guide and see how Altus’ team of professional implementation experts, engineers, builders and customer service team will support you throughout the entire process.

Acute Care Units

Acute care unit design focuses on providing the best possible healing environment and enhancing clinician satisfaction by tailoring to the small space, workflow solutions and ergonomic comfort. Ergonomic sit-to-stand wall-mounts and powered mobile workstations are essential to a productive and healthy workforce.

A healthcare cart should be lightweight to reduce clinician strain and compact to fit into tight spaces so clinicians can document EHRs next to the patient bedside. Clinicians often work non-stop in acute care and need a powered workstation that is not only durable but provides enough power for technology to last an entire shift. Medical workstations should store critical tools that can be accessed without breaking any ergonomic rules. Also, both the workstation and equipment it holds should be tailored for the person using them. Adjustability is key to ergonomics.

Long Term Facilities

Long term facility design focuses on clinician safety and satisfaction and making patients and their families as comfortable and as possible during their extended stay. Medical workstations that are built to last and support the triangle of care is crucial.

An intuitive workstation will not only adjust to the user’s ergonomic comfort but will support communication between the patient, clinician and technology. Mobile carts, swivel wall-mounts, and monitor support that can tilt, swivel, and height allow both parties to view the screen. Many long-term facilities opt for a non-powered workstation and wall-mounted workstation as a more affordable alternative to powered battery carts.

Medication healthcare workstations mobility allows for medication administration near the bedside. Not only does this reduce errors, but secure storage decreases clinician’s time spent traveling from the pharmacy and supply room.

Ergonomics makes the difference in clinician satisfaction

This free ergonomics eBook provides information on how workstations have a profound impact on the efficiency and well-being of nurses in the healthcare industry.

Rethinking Healthcare in 2021

Healthcare is rapidly changing because of the global pandemic COVID-19. Although we still don’t fully understand the outcome, one thing we know is true. Telehealth will become the new norm. Hospitals have been pressured to shift to virtual healthcare to address patient and clinician demands and to protect others from the spread of the virus by avoiding in-person visits. Hospitals are embracing the shift because telehealth expands care capabilities, avoids expenses, and increases market share.

Unless you’ve been using telehealth for some time, you might be looking for a telehealth workstation solution. An ergonomic telehealth workstation built with a reliable battery plays a crucial role in clinician satisfaction and productivity and ultimately patient care.

Check out our "What Is Telehealth? A 2021 Guide".

Healthcare workstations are designed for nurses to expand the reach of care. However, the demand from COVID-19 has caused hospitals to use medical workstations in non-traditional ways. Roadside testing has caused clinicians to take their workstation on wheels to the streets. Although not built for the road, Altus heavy-duty workstations have gotten the job done and have proven to withstand the unfamiliar environment.

Supporting the Frontline Heroes

Clinicians are facing long shifts and a shortage of necessary equipment. Ergonomic, safe and durable equipment can support the everyday heroes that care for us. Altus has made it its mission to put these frontline heroes and the teams that support them first.

Altus is taking necessary precautions to ensure that we can help our customers during COVID-19. As always, orders of 20 workstations or less are shipped within 10 business days. We’ve shipped out larger orders quicker than ever to meet the demand to support clinicians. Manufactured in the USA means quick turnaround, shipping and a robust supply chain. Our medical workstations are built with durability and safety in mind and can handle the most rigorous cleaning regiments.

Altus in Healthcare

Altus has been a pioneer in the healthcare workstations for more than 25 years. Altus is a leading manufacturer of mobile and wall-mounted technology workstations because we’ve studied clinicians' needs and design innovative workstation solutions to enhance efficiency and workflow.

Healthcare environments have a wide range of challenges and we have designed our workstations to enable optimized mobility, adjustability, ease of use at the point of care, and clinician focused design. We have the solutions you need to streamline everyday tasks and improve workflow at an affordable price point.

Our goal is to make your job easier. Altus offers free freight for all standard products shipped to the contiguous 48 states and UPS ground options for our most popular products.

Our customer service team is located in Michigan and we have technology experts located all over the US. We’ve worked hard to provide our customers with superior service and create programs that go above and beyond. We’re proud of our extended warranty and services program.

Access our newly launched service management platform! AltusCare is our online portal filled with extensive FAQ, troubleshooting and installation guides. Submit a service request here. We’ll reach out to you within two business hours.

Ready to try an Altus workstation yourself? We'll send you a brand new workstation! Request a free evaluation sample below.

Designing for the Future

Workstation solutions should be flexible enough to accommodate changing practices and advancements in technology throughout the equipment’s lifespan. Altus workstations are engineered for not only custom solutions with over 60+ accessories to choose from but for the flexibility of changing the workstation’s purpose throughout its life. We build our products to work as hard as your clinicians do. We’ve spent thousands of hours testing each part of our workstation to provide you with a product that is proven to last.

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