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10 Things To Do Now To Start Your Hospital Off Strong In 2022

By Team Altus
Published Oct 14, 2019 | Updated Feb 04, 2022 | 8 min read

The healthcare industry is currently facing a significant number of obstacles including rising healthcare costs, increased demand for healthcare, building boom on hospital construction, and war of talent.

Before the year is over, you can implement great things that will face these obstacles and that will move your hospital forward in 2022, if not sooner. Check out these 10 action items to allow your hospital to achieve its best potential.

10 Things To Do Now To Start Your Hospital Off Strong

1. Focus on ergonomics

Happy clinicians make happy patients. Utilize tools that fit clinicians to promote workplace wellness. Implement a safety committee that discusses ergonomics on a periodic basis.

Free download: This eBook breaks down how ergonomics can improve the daily work life of nurses.

The Science of Place: Ergonomics and its Impact on Nurses

2. Economize through cost savings and cutting

It's impossible to ignore that healthcare costs continue to rise faster than inflation. Purchase equipment that is known for its durability. For example, the industry-standard life cycle for a workstation is 3-5 years. Altus workstations are known to last 10+ years.

Free download: This white paper shows how Altus products stand the test of time.

Altus Product Testing: Performance, Durability & Dependability

3. Prevent burnout

Rework your organization to get it where it needs to be in order to support clinicians. Implement a workplace wellness committee, burnout prevention group, or whatever you may call it. Wellness committees have been proven to increase your employees' engagement, productivity and job satisfaction.

Helpful tip: In order for these programs to work, they need to be partially employee lead (outside vendors can be experts!) with executive support.

4. Create a winning company culture

Create an active social calendar for clinicians with opportunities to meet, connect, and get to know each other outside of our work hours.

5. Encourage clinician growth and happiness

Success is dependent upon the collective energy and contributions of all of your employees. Implement an internal employee recognition program for managers and peers to recognize success, and an external program for patients to recognize caregivers. Recognition has a long-term impact on employee work engagement and job satisfaction.

6. Utilize tools that fit each unique workflow

Clinicians need the best spaces, equipment, and tools for to help their patients heal.

Altus area of expertise: Our mobile and wall-mounted workstations help align users within their own personal ergonomic zone. We manufacture workstations for any technology requirement, from laptop carts to powered carts and wall-mounts to medication delivery carts. We have your unique requirements covered.

7. Don't look over design aesthetics

As the demand for healthcare rises, the United States is going through a big hospital building boom as a result. It's been estimated over the next ten years, $200 billion will be spent on constructing hospitals. Did you know design choices can affect healing rates and clinician happiness? Catch up to speed with the hospital design aesthetic white paper below.

Free download: White paper on why hospitals must focus on aesthetics and design.

The Science, and Art, of Wellbeing

8. Stay social

Monitor your online reputation and respond to reviews - both good and bad!

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently
– Warren Buffett, American businessman

9. Go digital

Use automated patient appointment reminders as this is the quickest and easiest way to avoid no-shows and to better communicate with patients.

10. Seek win-win partnerships

Always seek win-win relationships with partners and suppliers - and celebrate them! Together you work as allies in serving your stakeholders.

Altus' American-built sit-to-stand workstations are setting a global standard for quality and craftsmanship.

Rework periodically. The tips above will help you start your hospital off strong in 2022, if not sooner.

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