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RTLS Asset Tracking for Hospital Equipment

Altus is your asset tracking partner. We've spent the last 20 years designing workstations on wheels that can withstand the demanding environment, and now we're bringing a stress-free way to keep track of this equipment and more. Altus has a new RTLS offering to improve the lives healthcare staff and bring a way of keeping track of all assets in a hospital.
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It's all about ROI with RTLS


in monthly savings for a 375-bed hospital tracking 3,000 assets

520 hours

saved per month by reducing equipment find times for nurses which may be returned to providing care for patients

$4 million

ROI over 5 years just by implementing RTLS solutions and improving the hospital's asset utilization

*All numbers are based on a 375-bed hospital located in the United States. Contact Altus to learn more about ROI from RTLS Asset Tracking.

Two nurses are looking at data showing up on a mobile computer workstations

Your answer to missing equipment using RTLS technology

In one building, hospitals can have thousands of different pieces of equipment. With so many individual pieces, such as computer carts, equipment can get lost, or be brought to a different floor.

Altus is bringing a way to never lose sight of anything in a hospital again. RTLS asset tracking can track anything, as long as there's space for the tag, so no clinician ever has to ask where the computer workstation went.

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Thousands of assets with just one click

Combining Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and Bluetooth Low Energy sensor technology, RTLS asset tracking can tag and track all hospital assets at once, including any Altus cart.

I.T. professionals can plan preventative maintenance, and clinicians can find an open computer workstation. The opportunities are endless, all you have to do is plug it in and start tracking.

Two healthcare workers track the location of their equipment while another worker uses their kidney cart to input EHR data.

Why RTLS for your hospital

Clio hallway card group bright

Real-Time Cart Tracking

No more wondering where all the WOWs went, each one is tracked and accounted for within a single dashboard using asset tracking. Clinicians can pull up the interface and know immediately where the nearest workstation is.

Two physicians and a patient

Wait Times

Time is of the essence for healthcare workers. RTLS location tracking is able to track all available workstations and eliminate the "find time" for lost or underutilized equipment allowing hospitals to build a better patient experience and increase the level of care received.

IT in Mind

IT in Mind

Asset tracking provides a single source of accountability for hospital IT professionals. The organized interface and ease of use greatly reduce the demand on internal IT departments. Allowing IT professionals to create budgets and schedule maintenance.

Never fall behind with RTLS healthcare tracking

Healthcare workers are being pulled in more directions than ever before, while still being expected to offer the same level of detailed care. The on-the-go nature of the job and the increased avenues of patient communication clinicians are experiencing are causing fatigue and burnout.

GPS asset tracking works to ease the burden, and offer a solution to these problems. In one easy-to-navigate place, all the information, including location is listed so healthcare workers save their bandwidth for their patients and get the most from tracking their hospital carts.

In a hospital hallway a nurse uses a battery powered computer cart and a doctor helps a patient with a non-powered wow cart.

Looking to also track staff, patients, and more?

Healthcare Workers

Staff Safety

Healthcare workers are thrown into a variety of situations with little to no information. To ensure their safety in an emergency, they can use asset tracking staff to trigger an ID badge alarm and summon assistance.

Reach lifestyle with patient card group

Patient Tracking

Hospitals can be stressful for patients, especially when they're unsure of what's wrong. Keep track of patients' locations and keep them from hurting themselves, or eliminate a nurse from looking for them using RTLS.

Nurse and Patient

Contact Tracing

All patient, staff, and room interactions are automatically monitored with RTLS hospital tracking. Giving you immediate data, including infection risk scores, and who went into a room with a possible infection.

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