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Real-Time Hospital Computer Cart Tracking

Altus is your technology workstation partner. We've spent the last 20 years bringing powered and non-powered carts that can withstand anything thrown at them, and now we're bringing a way to keep track of them. We've partnered with Intelligent Locations to bring a new RTLS offering to both improve the lives of those in healthcare and bring an easy way to find large numbers of computer carts and other essential mobile equipment with room-level accuracy. This asset tracking technology is called INTRAX™.

Solve Your Asset Tracking Problems with RTLS Technology

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Altus works hard to deserve the title of “Your Technology Workstation Partner.” Building sturdy workstations on wheels was our beginning, and we plan on continuing to offer new ways to improve the lives of our healthcare workers.

We started with our H-fleet non-powered cart line. A sturdy cart to go with a clinician from room to room. Then as technology sprouted, we introduced our Clio powered carts so any clinician can roll their computer and not worry about battery life or workspace. Fast forward to now, Altus is bringing you a way to never lose sight of any computer cart or mobile medical equipment and taking it a step further. RTLS can track any piece of equipment within a hospital's walls, reducing the time spent looking for equipment. Looking after patients is the clinician’s job, we’re just here to make it easier.

Thousands of Assets with Just One Click

Combining Real Time Location Services (RTLS) and Bluetooth Low Energy sensor technology, INTRAX™ can tag and track all hospital assets at once, including any Altus cart. So clinicians can focus on what matters most, helping their patients.

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“Computer carts and other expensive equipment in hospitals are a major investment for IT departments that can often be misplaced or just difficult to track down. Altus leads these problem-solving conversations daily with their customer base. We are very excited about entering into this partnership with the Altus team who are also advocates for streamlining hospital operations.”


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Real-Time Cart Tracking

No more wondering where all the WOWs went, each one is tracked and accounted for within a single dashboard using INTRAX™ Asset Tracking.

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Wait Times

Time is of the essence for healthcare workers. INTRAX™ is able to track all available workstations and eliminate the "find time" for lost or underutilized equipment allowing hospitals to build a better patient experience and increase the level of care received.

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IT in Mind

INTRAX™ provides a single source of accountability for hospital IT professionals. The organized interface and ease of use greatly reduces the demand on internal IT departments.

Never Fall Behind with Asset Tracking

Healthcare workers are being pulled in more directions than ever before, while still being expected to offer the same level of detailed care. The on the go nature of the job and the increased avenues of patient communication clinicians are causing fatigue and burnout. Having to combine telehealth with in-person, all while trying
to keep track of equipment becomes too much to handle.

RTLS works to ease the burden, and offer a solution to these problems, especially with countless pieces of equipment to keep track of, and spending costs to be watched. In one easy-to-navigate place, all the information, including location is listed so healthcare workers save their bandwidth for their patients and get the most from tracking their hospital carts.

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