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RFID Badge Reader: RFID-1 Specifications

  • RFID Badge Reader: RFID-1
  • RFID Badge Reader technology is integrated into worksurface.
  • Compatible with numerous badge type technologies

The benefits of RFIDs. RFID has promising benefits of saving a healthcare facility’s time and money by providing real-time traceability, identification, and location data for people and resources.

Streamline workflow. The touchless interface accessibility saves clinicians time without having to sign in. Altus’ RFID badge reader seamlessly merges with your current hospital systems, allowing users to log in to the user interface with just their RFID badge.

Promote safety. This safe and secure system will allow only authorized users to access workstation technology. Keep medication and confidential information safe.

Altus ClioMed - a medication delivery workstations. Altus provides superior medication delivery all the way to the point of care. ClioMed is a mobile workstation with electronic lock and labeled drawers and bins. Reduce fatigue and errors by eliminating wait time and walks to the med room and can improve your patient satisfaction.

Security system for:

  • Medication delivery cart
  • Medication delivery security
  • Medical computer cart
  • Battery powered cart
  • ClioMed
  • Altus medical equipment
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