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Redimed Narcotics

RediMed Narcotic Bin (6 Pack): 1706123 Specifications

  • Redimed Standard Bin: 1706122
  • 6 Pack of Cassette Bins
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.5"W x 3.5"D x 3.128"H
  • Outside Dimensions: 10.75"W x 3.875"D x 3.25"H
  • Grey Finish

Promote safety and organization. Grey narcotic bins feature dual-Credentialing to unlock. Complies with DEA, ADA CDC, NFPA and Joint Commission Standards

The most ergonomic bins. Each bin handle is designed to be held by the left or right hand. Grab bin handle and pivot the bin out from the cassette. Bins are light and easy to remove and refill.

Streamline workflow. Refill and swap any of the bins from RediMed’s cassette. The worksurface on RediMed acts as a shelf for the bin once opened. Bins are designed to fit securely on the supply door when down.

Altus RediMed - a medication delivery wall-mount. Work smart and secure with Altus’ secure medication delivery wall-mount. Additional modular keyed locking narcotics access can be added or removed from any of the six bins.

Additional bin solution for:

  • Med delivery wall-mount
  • Altus’ RediMed
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