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Redimed Cassette

RediMed Cassette: 1706120 Specifications

  • RediMed Cassette: 1706120
  • 13.75"W x 3.75"D x 22.125"H
  • Includes 6 White Bins
  • Cabinet Mount
  • White Finish

How the cassette works. Fill individually labeled patient bins with the required medication. Place the bins in the cassettes that coordinate with each RediMed unit on the patient floors. Secure the cassette in the 8-cassette transfer cart.

Stay organized. Take the old cassettes and replenish with the new to ensure no hoarding and no expired medication. Easy to clean and preassembled.

Create a secure, productive workflow.
When a clinician starts their shift, they can carry their RediMed cassette to the ADC and fill it with all six of their patients. The meds have now transferred from your ADC to the cassette and will be put back in the RediMed; at or near the point of care. Compliant and secure while tracking your med access every step of the way

Altus RediMed - a medication delivery wall-mount. Clinicians average 2-1/2 hours per shift retrieving supplies! Drastically reduce this time and focus it back on the patient.

Space saving solution for:

  • Med delivery wall-mount
  • Altus’ RediMed
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