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Column-Mounted Sani-Wipe Bracket: PT-SW-1 Specifications

  • Sani-Wipe Bracket: SW-1
  • Works with PDI Sani-Bracket
  • 3.5"W x 2.85"H

Convenient Dispenser. The Sani-wipe bracket is mounted on the main column for easy, convenient access. Add on the go sanitation in any environment.

Encourage healthy behavior. Fight the spread of germs! Keep your clinicians and patients happy. This bracket is visible for everyone to see and it encourages their use.

Sleek design. The white finish adds for a smooth transition to the rest of the cart. Its sturdy wire build will last years to come!

Altus workstations. Stylish and well-built carts are what you can expect from Altus. We’ve studied the way clinicians work and have designed innovative workstation solutions to complement their workflow. We’ve created a vast portfolio of 60+ workstation accessories to support every team's unique workflow. Our innovative carts and built-in, customizable accessories improve comfort which in turn increases productivity.

Space saving solution for:

  • Workstation on wheels
  • Powered LCD mobile carts
  • Powered Laptop mobile carts
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