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Cpc 8

Coiled Power Cord Holder: CPC-8 Specifications

  • Coiled Power Cord Holder: CPC-8
  • 6’ extended, 3’ resting hospital grade
  • Hospital Grade, 3-Outlet
  • Cord hook
  • Coiled Power Cord - Black Finish
  • Specified for worksurface assemblies that have a cord tray (CT)
  • Weight 2 lbs.

Hospital grade coiled powered cord is a safe solution for your medical facility. This hospital grade power cord is designed for Altus mobile carts with assemblies with a cord tray.

Coiled powered cord allows clinicians mobility. The 3’ resting hospital grade coiled powered cord will not tangle or not. When not stretched and used to it’s full 6’ potential, the cord coils up, taking up less space. With its flexibility, you can put the 3-outlet power strip wherever it’s needed.

Cord hook. The cord hook is hosted on the cord tray underneath the worksurface.

Custom solution for your Altus workstation. We have 60+ accessories to fit your clinician workflow needs! Our accessories meet hospital quality standards you need. Not seeing what you're looking for? Reach out to an Altus representative today for a custom solution experience.

Hospital grade coiled power cord solution for:

  • Altus Non-powered workstations
  • Altus worksurface assemblies with a cord tray
  • Non-powered LCD workstations
  • Non-powered hospital laptop carts
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