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Medication Delivery Accessories

Cliomed Bin

ClioMed Single Bin- MB-1 Specifications

  • ClioMed Single Bin - MB-1
  • 4.35"W x 2.62"H x 12.372"D
  • Front Label Insert Area Fits Business Card Size Label
  • Sold Separately
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Bin Dividers
  • White Finish

Extra ClioMed Single Bin. This bin features two adjustable bin divers giving you space and organization your team needs. Keep medication and supplies on the go.

Streamline workflow. Refill and exchange an old bin with a new bin in ClioMed’s drawers. ClioMed’s mobility allows for medication to be administered right next to the patient’s bedside.

Promote hospital safety and organization. Label the names the bins so all medication and supplies can be viewed easily and accurately. Reduce clinician fatigue with fewer trips to the pharmacy and supply room.

Optional accessories specifically for your workflow. Accessories that can be configured to ensure an efficient workflow and improve productivity. Altus’ ClioMed accessories do just that. Select today from ClioMed’s additional accessories to see how productive you can be tomorrow

Extra bin accessory for:

  • Medication carts for hospital
  • Medication delivery carts
  • ClioMed
  • Workstation on wheels healthcare
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