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Bch 14 Wscanner

Adjustable Bar Code Holder - BCH-14 Specifications

  • Adjustable Bar Code Holder - BCH-14
  • Extends from 10"W to 12"W
  • For Right Hand, Left Hand, and Top Mount Uses
  • VESA Bracket Monitor Mount
  • Platinum (PL) Finish

Upgrade your workstation. This holder secures your bar code behind the monitor on the monitor mount. The platinum finish adds for a sleek design on your workstation. Engineered custom for your Altus workstation specifically. Made out of durable materials.

Space saver. Sturdy and lightweight. Located at one’s fingertips for easy access next to the screen. This holder is mounted on the mobile workstation to keep your clinicians and their equipment and tools on the move.

Ergonomic bar cold holder. Clinicians can grab with the left or right hand, whichever they are most comfortable with. Create a safe and healthy work environment with this ergonomic option.

Easy to clean. designed to be cleaned with the harsh cleaning agents used commonly in healthcare environments.

Bar code holder accessory for:

  • Powered carts
  • Non-powered carts
  • Altus Clio
  • Altus ClioMed
  • Wall-mounts
  • Altus Reach
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